Sweden Footy 9s jumper front
Swedish botanist Daniel Solander and Britain’s Sir Joseph Banks documented the flora and fauna of Australia on Captain James Cook’s 1770 expedition to Australia. King Gustav III of Sweden authorised the founding of a Swedish settlement in Western Australia in 1786, but the outbreak of war with Russia the following year prevented this from taking place.

The Victorian gold rush in 1851 attracted large numbers of Swedes, who not only worked on the gold fields in Victoria but stayed on and progressed onto farming or business.

By 1901, there were an estimated 6000 Swedes in Australia, many of whom were engaged in successful commerce. The start of a regular Swedish shipping line from 1907 further developed trade between Australia and Sweden and led to the establishment of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Sydney in 1911. Strong business and trade links between Australia and Sweden still continue.

The 2016 census recorded 40,214 people of Swedish ancestry, with 9,553 people born in Sweden.

Have you ever wanted to pull on your national jumper and represent your country?

Playing Footy 9s gives you an opportunity to do just that! It’s a fun and exciting new sport, with both full contact (tackling) and non-contact (no tackling) options to choose from.

If you are of Swedish descent and keen to represent Sweden, please join the Team Sweden Facebook group.

Kris Massie

Niclas Drugge Footy 9s

Niclas Drugge

Swedish Vikings

I was already a huge fan of football when I first came to Australia, but I never thought I’d be able to play it myself. When I rocked up to my first training with the Swedish Vikings, I had never kicked a football before, but through great coaching and supportive team mates, I was able to hone my skills and have a lot of fun too!