Footy 9s is an exciting and dynamic team sport, that has huge potential to grow both within Australia and internationally. Although inspired by Australian Football it is a new sport.

As Footy 9s is played on smaller fields, the behind posts have been removed. Whilst the high scoring nature of Australian Football is one of its enduring appeals, having too much scoring in Footy 9s would hamper its appeal. We want to have more scoring than the other football codes, but not so much that the achievement of scoring becomes devalued.

Large cricket sized fieldPlayed on smaller fields
Oval fieldRectangular field
Markings include centre square, 50m arc etc.Uses existing field markings
18 players per side9 players per side
6 umpires 3 umpires
4 large posts, including 2 behind postsUses existing goals, no behind posts
Goal is scored by kicking ball between 2 central postsGoal is scored by kicking ball through posts
Ball touched before going through central posts is not a goalBall touched before going through posts is still a goal
Ball hits post and comes back into play, is a scoreBall hits post and comes back into play, is play on
Game starts with two ruckmen running into each otherGame starts with a basketball style jump ball
Game starts with umpire bouncing the ballGame starts with umpire throwing the ball up
When ball goes out of bounds, ball thrown back into play by boundary umpireWhen ball goes out of bounds, the ball is kicked back into play by nearest opponent
Kicking the ball off the ground allowedKicking the ball off the ground not allowed
Mark awarded after 15 metresMark awarded after 10 metres
Ball must be bounced after 15 metresBall must be bounced after 10 metres
50 metre penalties for major infringements15 metre penalties for major infringements