Corina Dutlow Footy 9s

Corina Dutlow, Community Engagement Manager

Corina was born in Australia to European and Asian parents. She has volunteered and worked with the Filipino community as well as other multicultural communities for more than 10 years. She is currently serving the Australian-Filipino community in Victoria in a Senior Management position of a Filipino community service agency.

Corina is passionate about working with communities to celebrate cultural identity and working together on common challenges faced by people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Corina established the first AFL Philippines team in Australia as one of the AFI community teams, and is eager to grow the love for footy among Australian-Filipinos and other multicultural communities.

Anthony Nanfra

Anthony Nanfra, Events Manager

Anthony was born in Melbourne to Italian parents. From the moment he unwrapped his Essendon football jumper as a youngster, Anthony fell in love with Aussie Rules football. A rather long hallway at his home provided valuable sock kicking practice.

Anthony’s business background is extensive, with a wide range of managerial roles, but it is his passion for the game that sees him involved with AFI. His many years of event management and international sports tours experience are a great asset as we expand our events and tournaments.

Anthony is excited about the future of Footy 9s, and remains committed to seeing its success for many years to come.

Phaweng Bahula Footy 9s

Phaweng Bahula, Africa Ambassador

Phaweng grew up in Mmela village in the Province of Limpopo in South Africa. He attended the University of Johannesburg and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering, working with companies such as Sasol and Colgate Palmolive.

He moved to Melbourne in 2007 and has worked with a variety of organisations, including Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES), Greenpeace and Australia for UNHCR. He has extensive experience in helping refugees to resettle in Australia, and is looking forward to working with the many African communities here in Victoria. As the great Nelson Mandela once said, sport has the power to change the world and bring us all together.

Brian Clarke Footy 9s

Brian Clarke, Football Operations

Brian was born in Amsterdam to Dutch and New Zealand parents. His family lived in the Netherlands and New Zealand before moving to Australia.

A law graduate, his business background includes law and the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT). Brian was also based in London for 5 years.

Brian has been involved in international football for 20 years, as a player, coach, umpire and administrator. He has been responsible for the creation of such concepts as the AFL International Cup, Harmony Cup, EU Cup and Footy 9s. Brian is the current CEO of Australian Football International.