Australian Football International (AFI) is based in Melbourne, Australia. The sport is known as Australian Football or Aussie Rules, and is played on large cricket sized fields.

AFI has developed a great new version of the sport called Footy 9s, which is played on rugby fields and uses existing posts and field markings.

AFI is in the process of growing the sport internationally and we are keen to find venues where we can not only play matches, but build relationships.

As a result we are keen to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your rugby club. The benefits to your club include:

  • Additional members – all Footy 9s players to become members of your club;
  • Additional income – Footy 9s players and their families/friends to use the facilities at your club e.g. purchase of food & drink during and after matches;
  • Club promotion – the Footy 9s team will play in the colours of your club, thereby increasing the promotion of your club in the local community, and
  • Skill development – playing Footy 9s will assist your players to maintain their fitness in the off-season and also enhance their skills.