Sri Lanka Footy 9s jumper front
In the late 19th century, the first Sri Lankan immigrants to Australia were recruited to work on the cane plantations of northern Queensland. There are also reports of Sri Lankans working in goldfields in NSW and Victoria, and as pearlers in Broome. By 1901, there were 609 Sri Lanka born people recorded in Australia.

People-to-people links are extensive across all sectors of society — academia, media, culture, literature, science, sport, medicine, politics, commerce and law. The Sri Lankan diaspora in Australia is now over 170,000. The large Sri Lankan community contributes significantly to strengthening Australia’s multicultural society and economy.

Have you ever wanted to pull on your national jumper and represent your country?

Playing Footy 9s gives you an opportunity to do just that! It’s a fun and exciting new sport, with both full contact (tackling) and non-contact (no tackling) options to choose from.

If you are of Sri Lankan descent and keen to represent Sri Lanka, please join the Team Sri Lanka Facebook group.