Denmark Footy 9s jumper front
There was some Danish immigration at the time of the Australian gold rushes. It was estimated that there were 1,000 Danes on the Victorian goldfields. Danish immigrants had a significant effect on the Australian dairy industry from the 1880s, in particular establishing and managing butter factories.

According to the 2016 census, over 59,000 Australians claim Danish ancestry. Australia’s profile in Denmark, and vice-versa, was boosted by the marriage in May 2004 of Australian-born Mary Donaldson to Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik.

The Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish Architect Jørn Utzon, is Australia’s most prominent example of Australian and Danish collaboration.

Have you ever wanted to pull on your national jumper and represent your country?

Playing Footy 9s gives you an opportunity to do just that! It’s a fun and exciting new sport, with both full contact (tackling) and non-contact (no tackling) options to choose from.

If you are of Danish descent and keen to represent Denmark, please contact us.

Jim Marchbank | Tom Boyd