Footy 9s footballs

So why start a Footy 9s club?

By joining the AFI community, you will become a part of a professional network that is committed to making our great game a truly international sport.

Further, our major aim is to empower people and communities through sport. Participation in sport improves mental and physical health, enhances community well-being and brings people together.

The benefits include:

  • The opportunity to create your own team and identity
  • Your contact details listed on the Footy 9s website
  • The flexibility to play on soccer or rugby fields
  • Using existing field markings, so no need to spend countless hours marking the field
  • Using existing goals, so no need to source and install goal & behind posts
  • The flexibility to play contact or non-contact versions of Footy 9s
  • As we grow, the opportunity to play in national and regional Footy 9s tournaments
  • The opportunity to compete in international tournaments such as the World 9s
  • The opportunity to be a part of history, as we seek the inclusion of Footy 9s an Olympic sport
  • An emphasis on Footy, Fitness and Fun!
Albania AFL footy team
AFI Argentina footy
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